jan dibbets

Jan Dibbets, 6 Hour Tide Object With Correction of Perspective, 2009.

Jan Dibbets, 6 Hour Tide Object With Correction of Perspective, 2009 (production stills). Image: Freek van Arkel. Courtesy of the artist

Jan Dibbets made his work for Portscapes on 8 February 2009 – an early Sunday morning on the virgin beach of Maasvlakte, during the contemporary art fair Art Rotterdam. The final result is an 8-minute film. Exactly forty years ago, Dibbets made the original version of this – by now classic – work, which was broadcast on German television as part of Gerry Schum’s Fernsehgalerie ‘Land Art’. I Fernsehausstellung I (1969). The film shows how Dibbets, using a shovel, traces a rectangle that has been corrected for perspective on the beach. The rising tide subsequently erases the drawing.

On 14 June 2009, the remake of the film 6 Hours Tide Object with Correction of Perspective (2009) was presented for the first time. The showing took place in FutureLand, the Maasvlakte 2 information centre. Shortly after, from 24-28 June 2009, the work was shown in New York, in the context of Latitudes’ participation in ‘NO SOUL FOR SALE – A festival of Independents’.


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The work of Jan Dibbets (1941, Weert) is associated with the Land Art and Conceptual Art movements of the 1960s and ’70s. His oeuvre is primarily concerned with light, observation, perspective and space. He is known for his early works such as the ‘Perspective Corrections’, in which he played with photography’s deceptive nature in documenting space. In 1969 he contributed with the 7-minute film 12 Hours Tide Object with Correction of Perspective, Netherlands Coast, February 1969 to Gerry Schum’s original Land Art film compilation, which was screened on German national television in April of that same year, and formed the overture to a new approach to art, allowing art to serve as communication rather than as possession.